Chapter Programs

Leadership Development Opportunities for Actives from Phi Kappa Psi National

Cabo Alpha - Phi Kappa Psi VA Beta is proud to participate in the American Leadership Academy, also known as Cabo Alpha. The American Leadership Academy (ALA) exists to support programs which provide education and training for college students and young graduates in the areas of leadership, scholarship, service, citizenship and free enterprise. The programs supported by the ALA will promote the value of education; the importance of honorable conduct and the application of ethics for good leadership, citizenship, patriotism and service; and healthy and successful lifestyles.

The American college experience is arguably the best academic preparation in the world. However, over the last several decades, the teaching of skills in leadership, service, citizenship and free enterprise have become increasingly rare, except as a component of extra-curricular organizations. These skills are vital to the success of our nation and its continued position as a world leader and should be supported, developed and encouraged.

The Cabo Leadership Experience puts seasoned, accomplished leaders from a variety of professions, together with undergraduate leaders (and leaders-to-be) for a week of presentations, workshops and discussions. The goal is to give students the knowledge and skills that will make them successful in whatever roles they wish to pursue in life, and give faculty an understanding of the issues that challenge a younger generation.

Learn more about Cabo Alpha at their official website.

Presidents Leadership Academy- This leadership conference is held every late January over the course of a weekend. Through a generous grant from our Foundation, all undergraduates’ flights, accommodations, meals, and participant materials are covered. All the undergraduate member is responsible for is a small investment fee that is paid upon registering before the event. Small groups of undergraduate members are lead by alumni and staff members throughout the weekend for reflection and serious discussion. The group as a whole critically analyzes issues that currently confront our chapters and develop possible methods of confronting the issues and solutions. We have typically teamed up with NPower, a firm that specializes in leadership development programming to help develop the curriculum for the weekend.

Woodrow Wilson Leadership School- This is held biennially in the odd calendar years. Much like our Grand Arch Council, chapters are able to send 3 undergraduate delegates and one alumni delegate. Archons of the executive Council are elected at this leadership school.  During the course of the week, we typically have three educational speakers present, and a keynote speaker to kick off the program. Undergraduates are broken down into Alpha Groups where help is given to continue developing leadership qualities and encouraging group problem solving strategies.

Accommodations and meals are covered, but a registration fee of $200 for undergraduates is paid upon registration.

Leadership Experience-This is a specialized program in which the Director of Leadership Development and at times the Director of Chapter Services will travel to individual chapters at their request (and at no additional cost to them) and put on a weekend retreat tailored to the chapters needs. Advance of at least a month is needed in order to compile curriculum for the retreat.

These are what we have available currently for actives from HQ, but also have other opportunities available through our Foundation, such as the Undergraduate Inter Fraternity Institute.